What Your Coffee Says About You as a Mom

Black Coffee ~ You are Type A and no nonsense. Alternately, you overate this past weekend and need caffeine but zero calories. Don’t worry, the muffin you eat with your coffee doesn’t count. Light and Sweet ~ You are probably laid back and fun. You don’t sweat the small stuff and let your kids play with Play-Doh, even if it ends up on the floor and in the baby’s small intestine. Iced Latte ~ You like to pretend that you’re in Paris in June instead of in your own backyard swatting at mosquitoes, while you count out the numbers for Hide and Seek but never really look for anyone. Iced Macchiato ~ You are fancy, like Fancy Nancy. You have also read Fancy Nancy approximately one million times this week and caffeine is no longer enough to appease your deadened brain. You need chocolate too. And sugar. Cappuccino ~ You’re hoping that the foam on top occupies the toddler that you dragged with you to the coffee shop. Pumpkin Spice ~ It’s fall and you need something to distract you from the onslaught of homework, activities, parent-teacher conferences, and that pesky task of finding where the hell you stored the hats and scarves last spring. Coffee with Cream and No Sweetener ~ You’re going off sugar but you’re not a nun, dammit. Decaf ~ You’re breastfeeding your first baby. Half Caf ~ You’re breastfeeding your second baby. Coffee with Kahlua ~ You’re breastfeeding your third baby. READ MORE.

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