How Much Do You Know?

Coffee Trivia Quiz

Go to to test your coffee & tea trivia knowledge. If you get all 4 questions correct, your name will be added to their list of Coffee & Trivia experts. When they change trivia questions (every week), they will randomly select one winner from the list and that winner will receive a free 2.2 lb. package of their 100% Colombian Whole Bean Coffee! TAKE THE QUIZ


Coffee Man said...

Just came in from Coffee Fair...

A really nice coffee blog you have here! I like the clean look with tons of interesting links. I especially like the post about answering the four coffee and tea knowledge questions - yep I gave it a shot so we'll see just how it goes. Again, great site, love the content, the flow... and OK I love coffee so maybe I'm a tad biased on anything coffee related.

I'll be back again!

P.S. I just placed a link to your coffee blog... thought the rest of the world ought to know about it too!

tali0626 said...

Wow...thank you! :)